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Prayer Requests
​Prayer Requests from Sunday, June 3, 2018

John Belew– he will be having surgery on Tuesday, June 5

Krista Phillips– unspoken request

Tom Jones- (brother in law of Diane Bandy) he is back in Johns Hopkins with fluid on his lung and stomach, please pray for healing and also for his salvation

Micah Geigan– teenage boy in Johns Hopkins PICU, he is rejecting the heart he
 had transplanted a couple of months ago. He needs prayer for healing as
 his kidneys are beginning to shut down too, they are monitoring his 
brain waves, please pray for a miracle for Micah.

People in Guatemala– a volcano erupted killing dozens of people and injuring dozens more

Tabitha McKenney & family– her husband passed away, please pray for comfort
 and peace for her and her daughters, Kylie & Abigale

Alan Gregos Sr– he is sick with a sore throat and having trouble swallowing

Xena Dixon– in need of prayer   


Prayer Requests from Sunday, May 27, 2018

Pastor John Russell- (brother of Pat Marine) he is in Audubon Hospital in KY with congestive heart failure
Thomas Jones- (brother in law of Diane Bandy) very serious 10 hour surgery on 
5/30 with at least 14 days in Johns Hopkins, please also pray for his 

Philip Ball & family– in need of prayer

Calvary Baptist Church in Sebastian, FL- they are in need of a pastor after the passing of Pastor Cooley

City Gate Rescue Mission– please be in prayer for Bro. Harry as he brings the message this Wednesday night

Family of Eddison Hermand– National Guard member that drowned this week while 
trying to rescue people from the flood waters in Ellicott City, MD

Nicholas Ohngren– little boy that fell out of a two story window and fractured 
his skull on both sides, as well as broke his T3-T6 vertebrae, praise 
the Lord he has no spinal injury and he is breathing on his own

Steve Miller & family- (brother of Joelene Chappell) Steve’s wife, Michelle, went home to be with the Lord on 5/29

Kay Lilly– having trouble with arthritis in her knee

Sophia Charbonneau– had a reaction to a tick bite and had to be taken to the ER   


Prayer Requests from Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wayne & Cindy Pearman– going through some difficult times and in need of salvation

Diane Kilgore- (niece of Barry & Glenda) she had a very serious heart 
attack and is recovering from surgery, but she is still very weak and 

Steve Lilly– in Christiana Hospital , he had 4 mini heart attacks and will be needing stints

Mike Blevins– cataract surgery on May 21

Isaiah Norris– sees the cardiologist on 5/22, pray for wisdom in knowing what is going on with his heart and liver

Tolbert Moore– had tests done on 5/21 that revealed he was not getting enough 
blood to the bottom of this heart, he had a heart catherization on 5/24

Ricky Wilson– please continue to pray for his healing and recovery

Bill Stewart– his blood pressure is high and doctors don’t know what to do for him

Julie Hollandsworth– diagnosed with Bells Palsy, pray for her recovery

Megan & Morgan Testerman– pray for safety in flying home from Florida

Philip Martin– (great grandson of Esther Perry) he is in the hospital with PTSD  


Prayer Requests from Sunday, May 13, 2018

Margaret Ball- continued prayers for her as she is having complications from her eye surgery

Jamie Russell (son of Linda Henderson) – he has an addiction to drugs

Randy Mullins – surgery on Tuesday, it is a surgery they did before but this time it is more detailed

Isaiah Norris – he has been having heart palpitations and he was taken to the emergency room after Sunday school this morning

City Gate Rescue Mission- Brother Harry will be preaching this Wednesday night

Middleman Family- Unspoken request, the family needs your interceding prayers on their behalf

Debbie Harnish (sister of Bertie Fisher) she has cancer and there is nothing that they can do for her

Aubree Bradford- Prayers that God would be beside her every day and also for her Grandpa Joe

Julie Hollandsworth (sister in law of Curt & Jenny) she was taken to the 
hospital with blurred vision. Her face is drooping, they did an MRI to 
rule out a brain tumor and now they are doing a second MRI to see what 
is going on 


Prayer Requests from Sunday, April 29, 2018

Diane Woolens-Hager– she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, she will start chemo this week

Sylvia Painter– medical needs, she is in the hospital

R. Miller– for salvation

City Gate Rescue Mission– pray for Brother Harry as he preaches this 
Wednesday night. 

PRAISE: 68 year old Terry Burkey accepted Christ as his
 Saviour this past Thursday night (4/26) please be in prayer for him and his newfound walk with Christ

Henrry & Kendra Silva and family– their precious baby boy was born at 34 
weeks on 4/28, he struggled with breathing and passed away. They are 
missionaries in Honduras and they have two other children.

Brenda Vaughan– seeing a surgeon for her broken wrist on 5/1, UPDATE: she will be having surgery on her wrist on 5/7

Jim Duvall- surgery this week

Philip Hollenbaugh– in the hospital in Ohio and not doing well

Pastor Ed Lasko (Middletown Baptist Church)- in the hospital, they are running
 tests to determine why his legs have been so weak and giving out on him

Vickie Houck– please pray as she has been having trouble with her knee

Betty Blevins– seeing a specialist in NJ for her neck pain on 5/1

Spring Revival: Please be in prayer for the revival this week, 5/7-5/11   


Prayer Requests from Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sylvia Painter– diagnosed with sepsis and she is in the hospital, she is being treated but not doing well

Marilyn Snider– had her pacemaker replaced last week, pray for her recovery

Faith Duvall– she had back surgery

Margaret Ball– continued prayer for healing from her eye surgery

Myrtle Blevins-she fell last week and hurt her hip and knee

Family of Gianna Cannelongo– 6 year old girl passed away on Sunday, 4/22 after issues with her heart and lungs, please pray for her family

Ricky Wilson– being moved to Kennedy Krieger for rehab this week

Michael Purdy– unspoken request

Donald Hylton– shoulder replacement on 4/25 at the Baltimore Veterans Hospital

Linda Brock– she has skin cancer 

Chuck Lewis & family– his mother went home to be with the Lord on 4/21

Family of Maggie O’Sullivan– just 18 years old and passed away on 4/20 from complications of a flu-like virus

Frank Hodge– he is in the hospital with breathing problems

Family of Joanne Beamer- (sister in law of Larry Beamer) went home to be with the Lord on 4/24, services will be on Monday, 4/30

Bentley King– young child fighting a virus

Mark Gunnoe– having surgery for a hole in his heart on 4/26

Brenda Vaughan– broke her wrist and will be having surgery next week
Please remember these folks in prayer throughout the week. 
Men and Women Serving 
in the Armed Forces

Please remember these members of the military that are serving our country in your prayers.

Ryan Boyd
Eric Chavez
Travis Pierce
Randy Pierson
SFC Renato Matheson
Andrew Arnold
Josh Imhoff
Rick Blevins
Jordan Alvory
Brian Richards
Stephen Beers
Samantha McCloskey
Benny Grosso
Mayra Lopez
Josh Yates
​Randy Tiikkala
Aaron Tiikala
​Melvin Valentin-Gonzalez'
Nickolas Bigley