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Prayer Requests
​Prayer Requests from Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bertie Fisher– she passed out several times this week and was taken to the hospital on 1/29

Nadine Stewart– she is having issues with anxiety

Benjamin Isaac Sampson– pray that the Lord will keep Ben safe and shield him from the hurt of the upcoming custody hearing for him

Job Colter- (brother in law of Leanna Bissett) he is in the hospital

City Gate Rescue Mission– Brother Harry will be bringing the message on Wednesday night

Mary Blevins– not feeling well

Margaret Ball unspoken request and she has been sick

Nikalos Fink– (great nephew of Myrtle Blevins) newborn baby born on 1/27/18 with serious health problems, he was transferred to a hospital in Concord, NC

Gregg M– just found out that he has cancer all over his body after finding a lump in his neck

Terri Baeder- (sister of Sandy Roland) please pray as she has been having chemo treatments for cancer

Stacy Taylor- (mother of Coby Taylor) she has a very bad heart attack that caused damage on 1/26, please pray for her recovery



Prayer Requests from Sunday, January 21, 2018

Steven Sweeny– been sick off and on for a month and half, he has lost 30lbs, his white blood cell count is low. He will be having an MRI this week.

Mattson family– please pray they will become closer to the Lord and to each other

Kip & Ben Vannoy (son’s of Pastor Bobby Vannoy)- Kip had a tumor removed from the front of his brain on Friday, 1/19, there are no results yet. He needs to get his life right with the Lord. Ben is going to be having surgery on his foot on Tuesday, 1/23, he will have to be off work for 3 months. He is Pastor Bobby’s right hand man

City Gate Rescue Mission– please pray as Brother Harry brings the gospel to them on Wednesday night

Barnabas & Bikash– (they are the young sons of Bramha Nanda Digal, an evangelist among the very poor in India) both boys have come down with what appears to be Typhoid Fever

Cecil Blevins– he will be having a heart catherization on Thursday, 1/25 at 7:30am at Christiana. He is allergic to the dye, so please pray for him

Coworker of Connie Grinestaff– his son died of an overdose

Joann Beamer- (sister in law of Larry Beamer) she is in the hospital with the flu and some other breathing problems

Kaitlyn Rogers- (local Baptist pastor’s teenage daughter) she has an infection in her mouth where a root canal was not done properly, she is in a lot of pain

Bob Swisher– he has been in the hospital for two weeks with diabetes and AFIB

Tim & Rochelle Gray– their home of over 30 years burned down on 1/19 and they lost most everything, thankfully everyone got out safe



Prayer Requests from Sunday, January 14, 2018

Regina Mock– surgery on 1/15; UPDATE: she came through surgery well

Ryker Rocque– 6 yr old, bitten by a bat and is in a medically induced coma being treated for rabies

Nadine Stewart– got out of the hospital on 1/13, please pray as she is still struggling with anxiety

Miriam Weight– having a lot of pain due to her Sciatic nerve

Chelsea Hayes– she has shingles and is in a lot of pain

Virginia Scafe– please pray for her ankles to heal

Denny Swartzel– severe kidney stones, procedure couldn’t be done, he lives in Florida

City Gate Rescue Mission– Brother Harry will be bringing the message on Wednesday night

Mike Gentile & family– his mother passed away on 1/5 and his father passed away on 1/11, their funerals are on 1/16

George Belew– surgery for cancer removal on his bladder on 1/19

Sharon Sharp– last round of chemo is this week

Patsy Alexander– she had a fall and is having back surgery this week

Guy & Kim Ball– Guy is having severe back problems and Kim will be seeing an eye surgeon on 1/17 for polyps in her sinuses

Grant & Margaret Ball- dealing with winter illness

MaryBeth Morrison– just found out she has cancer, she needs strength to get through her final tests

Ben Young- (teacher at Oxford HS) diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer



Prayer Requests from Sunday, January 7, 2018

Laura Blevins– she has walking pneumonia

Anna O’Bryan– she is having cataract surgery

Jesse Lair– he has a cold

Ann Roe- (mother of Kelly Heaton) in a car accident with her sister on 1/6, she is home now recovering

Peggy Catron- (mother of Brenda Joseph) in a car accident with her sister on 1/6, she had to have surgery, please pray as she heals

Jennifer Porter Blake– had to have parathyroid surgery on 1/9 in Baltimore, she has two small children at home

Joseph Manassa– last stages of cancer

Rick Sampson– going to court for custody of his son on 1/11

Bertie Fisher– her cancer numbers are back up

Louise VanHorn– please continue to pray for her health



Prayer Requests from Sunday, December 31, 2017

MaryBeth Morrison- (cousin of Sonya Jennings) unspoken request

Family of Dr. Tom Berry- (former pastor at Baptist Bible Church) he went home to be with the Lord on Monday, January 1, 2018

Terry Burkey– 68 year old man that accepted Christ as his Saviour on 12/27 at City Gate

Muslim women– Connie witnessed to her on the plane and gave her the full plan of salvation

Mike Mooney Sr– he tore something in his knee

Mark Dugger– tumor in his gallbladder has spread to his lymph nodes, he will be starting chemo in January

Avery Neill– 5 years old and diagnosed with DIPG, with a prognosis of 9-12 months. There is currently no cure but please pray the doctors will have wisdom to know how to treat her. She has a twin sister and younger brother.

Rich– 80 year old man with kidney disease and in need of salvation

Nadine Stewart– having a heart catherization on 1/5

London Howell– being tested for Celiac Disease

Bertie Fisher– her cancer numbers went up, she will be having a CT scan on 1/9
Please remember these folks in prayer throughout the week. 
Men and Women Serving 
in the Armed Forces

Please remember these members of the military that are serving our country in your prayers.

Ryan Boyd
Eric Chavez
Travis Pierce
Randy Pierson
SFC Renato Matheson
Andrew Arnold
Josh Imhoff
Rick Blevins
Jordan Alvory
Brian Richards
Stephen Beers
Samantha McCloskey
Benny Grosso
Mayra Lopez
Josh Yates
​Randy Tiikkala
Aaron Tiikala
​Melvin Valentin-Gonzalez'