Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church

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Questions about Streaming
Why are there 2 separate streams ?
    Running 2 streams allows us to provide:
1. A high quality live and archive video for those with larger viewing screens and who are also connected through Ethernet or a fast Wi-Fi connection. 
2. A lower resolution video stream satisfies the mobile viewer by given them a separate feed that works best with a cell based data connection, such as 4g, 2g etc. viewing the higher quality primary stream can cause excessive buffering and other stability issues when viewed on a mobile device connected through the cell network, not to mention the added data usage that comes with it. The lower resolution stream yields roughly the same quality video on the smaller screen of a smartphone, Iphone or tablet as the primary feed provides those with larger monitors, TV's, etc.

    As of January 1,2016 the player automatically senses your system and  sends you the stream in the correct format and resolution to maximize your viewing experience.You also have the option to manually raise or lower the resolution to suit your viewing preferences, including Audio Only. 

If you have further questions, please forward to