Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church

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Church History
The year was 1953. Seventeen folks interested in organizing a local church in Nottingham, Pennsylvania met in the home of the late Harl Coomes. Thus was the beginning of what was to become the Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church. 

Let us go back a bit in time and reminisce about the days of yesteryear. Mr. Harl Coomes and Mr. Lester Wilson were the catalyst for the church's beginning. The land was donated by Mr. Coomes and a building committee was appointed. First a basement was built with most of the labor being donated by the members, and services were conducted for two years. The church appointed four deacons, Earl Roland, Hubert Coomes, Lester Wilson, and Harl Coomes. The congregation purchased 200 slat-bottom chairs from the Phoenix Chair Company.

In July of 1955, a beautiful brick building was completed. That year we bought pews and a nine-piece pulpit and communion set for a total price of $3,607.53. In 1955 that was a great deal of money, but everyone worked hard and gave sacrificially so that the church could be built. 

"As a young boy, the Sunday school picnic at Howard Farmer Field was like a big holiday for me. There weren't many young boys my age. I think Eddie Brown and I got to always play softball with the grownups. There weren't a lot of men that played softball the first year or two. Almost all of the men were playing horseshoes. That was a big thing back then. I remember my dad, Uncle John, Uncle Earl, Wade Brown, Hubert Coomes, and his father, there were other men playing as well. They were having so much fun. I wanted to play horseshoes with them, but I was too little.

The women were sitting under the shade trees, talking and laughing at the men playing horse shoes. The younger girls were running and playing; others were down at the creek sitting on the rocks. I remember years later as a teenager we were playing softball: Preacher Hash was pitching and my mother was umpiring behind the pitcher mound. Uncle Earl Roland was the hitter. Uncle Earl hit the ball towards Preacher Hash. He jumped out of the way and the ball hit my mother on the leg. She really got on to Preacher Hash for not catching the ball.

I don't remember the year we moved the picnic to the Nottingham Park. We had so many families that came to the picnic: older, middle age, younger families with small children and a lot of teenagers. The food was always great; you never left the picnic hungry. The softball games were great fun."

 By Phil Fisher

In 1959, the State Line Association was organized at the Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church with five churches. Land was bought in 1964 at State Road and Jenkins Corner. It was later named the Eastern Pennsylvania Baptist Association. We still have monthly meetings on the fourth Saturday of every month. Today the association has been changed Eastern Pennsylvania Baptist Fellowship. A highlight of the year at the campground is boys and girls camp, and of course, our old-fashioned "camp meeting revival," which we have every year the week following the fourth of July. Our church still enjoys close fellowship with our sister churches in the EPFB.

We have been blessed with Godly men as pastors at Nottingham:

Reverend Buford Hash February 1953 - March 1958
Reverend Gene Goodman June 1958 - December 1962
Reverend Buford Hash February 1963 - June 1963
Reverend Fred Sexton July 1963 - July 1966
Reverend Clayton Widener August 1966 - November 1971
Reverend Sherman Barlow March 1972 - September 1978
Reverend Doug Roland April 1979 - June 1986
Reverend Tracy Duvall July 1986 - March 1987
Reverend Joe Cooper March 1987 - October 1990
Reverend Delmer Duvall October 1990 - July 1994
Reverend Gary Moore August 1994 to present.
Arial view of the church in 1961
Church Picnics
Old Fashioned Tent Meetings